Welcome to the dark & sexy clubland of our Alt-Eros mix

I wanted Alt-Eros to be sexy and fun, and not in any way mawkish in the tiresome tradition of Valentine’s. David Johansen (of New York Dolls fame) starts us off with his wild solo track about a mothball Romeo. Stargard’s “Here Comes Love” is a lusty one; the (straight) female gaze serving up a disco track. Klaus Nomi’s version of Marlene Dietrich’s “Falling in Love Again” is presented in a sassy, new-wave package.  The lyrics for Hypothetical Prophet’s “Person to Person” are inspired by seedy classified pages, while Kraftwerk’s “Showroom Dummies” is a coldly sexy dystopian track. 

Caoimhe Lavelle


David Johansen Johnsonious, Stargard – Here Comes Love, Marc and The Mambas – Sleaze, Klaus Nomi – Falling in Love Again, Dinosaur L – Clean On Your Bean , The Hypothetical Prophets – Person To Person , Kraftwerk – Showroom Dummies 


Painting, ‘Housewives: the woods fizzed, the hedgerow hissed’, by Kirsty Whiten, Instagram @kirstywhitenstudio

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