This month’s playlist by Caoimhe Lavelle: In The Blood

These tracks are partly from my most recent live set at Spooky Beure’s Samhain Witches Gala in a haunted abbey.  Brew witch, historian and illustrator Mice Hell gifted me the ideal track to open this month’s mix, ‘Morris Horror’, by Assembled Minds; a shining, triumphantly dark track incorporating church bells.

This mix is nocturnally camp and synthy, featuring disco, Divine, Holgar Czukay & Jah Wobble and a hip-hop track breaking out from the canon, from psychedelic New Orleans Witch Doctor, Dr. John.

  1. Assembled Minds – Morris Horror
  2. Ruth – Mots
  3. Vision – Lucifer’s Friend
  4. Susan – I Only Come Out At Night
  5. Holger Czukay & Jah Wobble – How Much Are They
  6. Divine – Love Reaction
  7. DNA ft Jazzi P – Rebel Woman
  8. Dr. John – Jet Set
  9. Helen – Witch
  10. The Immortals – Ultimate Warlord
  11. Death In Vegas – Dirge (Cossack Mix By The Chocolate Layers)

Photo by Laelia Millieri.

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