The Motherf**ker Mix, by Caoimhe Lavelle

“Love set you going like a fat gold watch” – Solid Space’s “New Statue” adapts Sylvia Plath’s “Morning Song,” depicting the uniqueness of a newborn as a work of art. Vital Disorder’s “Prams” complains of lost dreams and potential, while for Poison Girls punk serves as a vessel for the righteous anger of being working class mother.

Other notable mamas in this issue’s mix include Bjork (in cosmic search for her keys), Nina Hagen (on a Freak-Out for All The Family), Sinéad O Connor and Kate Bush (keeping the Divil from the door).

This is for all you punk mothers out there! Jump, Mama, Jump!

Solid Space – New Statue

Anne Clarke – The Sitting Room

Vital Disorders – Prams

Poison Girls – Riot in My Mind

Nina Hagen – Super Freak Family

Poison Girls – Jump Mama, Jump!

Delta 5 – Open Life

Bjork – Domestica

Sinead O Connnor – Ave Maria

Anne Clarke – Homecoming

Kate Bush – Get Out Of My House

Photo courtesy of Leeds drag performance club night collective, The Party Mom Society (PMS).  Instagram: @partymomsociety

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