The alchemy of liquid trespass: photography by Laura Kimmel

Laura Kimmel is a photographer, film maker and multi-media artist. She has exhibited at, among others, Art Basel Miami, HG Contemporary, Mana Contemporary, Karst Gallery, Franklin Street Works & Project One in San Francisco. Her street murals have been commissioned for London spaces and she is the director of Visual Identity at The Box NYC & The Box London Soho nightclubs.

Laura is sharing some of her works in response to this issue’s exploration of the Selkie and the Shapeshifter. She trespassed on rural and industrial sites to create them, with her collaborators and models, Natasha King, The Oracle a.k.a Julia Sinelnikova, Arianne Cassidy and Jane Cogger.


‘Natasha Third Eye,’ by Laura Kimmel.


‘Jane and Arianne in oil projections,’ by Laura Kimmel.

‘Jane Wrecks NYC’, by Laura Kimmel: “The ritual of creating and trespassing is powerful in itself.”

The Demented Goddess: Laura, In what ways do you want to see the feminine body spill onto the industrial American landscape?

Abandoned industrial spaces evoke the tension between the fragility of the feminine body and the chaos of destruction and decrepitude. This contrast intrigued me, and I like to dig deeper into provocative dichotomies like this. There is a criminal feel about just getting away with the shots, and the ritual of trespassing and creating is powerful in itself. That’s what I’m after.


Ghost Redhook Chaos by Laura Kimmel



‘Mary Jane of Cain’ by Laura Kimmel.

The Demented Goddess: In your work, solitaries occupy derelict spaces, while lovers embrace in liquefied places (‘Jane and Arianne in Oil Projections’). In your work, does personal truth lie outside the world or can it be reclaimed from it?

For me Photography is a pursuit of that truth. It’s a bit of alchemy and magic, liquid, projection, dyes and colors and sensuality, and somewhere in the aftermath, alone at 3am on my computer I find meaning in it all.

‘Meshes of Natasha’, by Laura Kimmel.

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