Summer of c**t Pt 1 mix by Caoimhe Lavelle

Radiating pussy-power and demanding her band play “fonkay like a shkunk”, Betty Davis invites us to ‘Git In There’, from whence we all came, to the first installment of Summer of C*nt mix. Heavy petting gets demented with Flying Lizards’ cover of ‘What’s New Pussycat’, from their iconic album of deadpan robotic pop covers ‘Top Ten’.  Kas Product hisses and spits in ‘Pussy X’. Venerate the fuzz with Fad Gadget’s ‘Lady Shave’, the dankness with Prince’s ‘Soft And Wet’ (from début album ‘For You’) and work up a sweat with The Dirtbombs, Secret Squirrels, PBR Streetgang.

1) Git In There – Betty Davis

2) What’s New Pussycat? –  The Flying Lizards

3) Pussy X – Kas Product

4) Shari Vari – The Dirtbombs

5) Lady Shave – Fad Gadget

6) #6 Side B – Secret Squirrels

7) Break You Nice – Scream Club & Electrosexual

8) Soft and Wet – Prince

9) What’s Inside A Girl? – The Cramps

10) Late Night Party Line – PBR Streetgang

Main photo of Caoimhe Lavelle by Kristina Collender. Comic drawing on mix, by Caoimhe Lavelle.  Follow Caoimhe on Twitter: kwoovo.

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