Summer of C**t Part II DJ mix by Caoimhe Lavelle

Let’s get lubed with funk punk from Dinosaur L’s “Clean On Your Bean”, before strapping on some nasty Serge Gainsbourg (singing about smoothest orifice, being a musical cunt) to gear up for Belgian S&M disco track “Crack The Whip” by Dina Gad. There’s synthy bisexual pop from Ania, a stomping remix of Malaria!’s classic Kaltes Klares Wasser from Wasserman & The Modernist, and Gudrun Guts pairs up with Anita Lane for the raging and wry “Fire Thing”. This is a NSFW soundtrack complimentary to sitting on someone or indeed riding them like a pony á la Khan’s whipstick mix of “Ride Me”.

Main illustration by Caoimhe Lavelle.

Track list:

Dinosaur L – Clean On Your Bean

Prince – Pussy Control

Serge Gainsbourg – Love On The Beat

Dina Gad – Crack The Whip

Khan – Ride Me (Whipstick Remix)

Malaria (Wasserman & The Modernist) – Kaltes Klares Wasser

Ania – Telephone

Plastique Du Réve – Rodeo Mecca

Gudrun Gut & Anita Lane – Firething

Lydia Tomkiw & Terry Burrows – Pressed in an Atlas

By Caoimhe Lavelle; Twitter @kwoovo.

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