Please submit your pitch via our contact form, found on via the main menu icon of horizontal stripes at the top left hand corner of every page and via the link, below.

If we have not responded to you within 2 weeks, please remind us.

Professional writers only, please pitch us in the message box, with details of publishing or performing experience and web directions to images, where relevant.  Mark your subject ‘submission’.

For July & August, we’re running ‘The Summer of C**t, Part II’. From September it’s back to monthly issues.

Until 20th June, your pitch should address the theme: ‘Summer of C**t’. Pitch us on sex-positivity, vagina-love, female orgasm, reclaiming ‘cunt’ as a positive word, menopause, celibacy, de-eroticising the cunt, multi-cultural perspectives on the cunt, alternative sexy orifices & alternative erotics of the body.  We’re looking for arts reviews, personal essays, interviews, poetry and short stories.

We offer a range of fees or donations to a charity of your choice, up to a maximum of £25 for original, unpublished fiction, £20 for non-fiction.  You will be featured in our ‘Who We Are’ contributors’ page.

Artwork by Kirsty Whiten, Instagram @kirstywhitestudio