For our next issue, we are looking for fiction, non-fiction, photography, comix, painting, interviews with artists in feminine, gender-and-sexually fluid & queer culture, Q&As and criticism to feature for ‘Strange Fruit’.

We want to salute Autumn with unlikely creations, weird fusions, life-giving goodbyes and the strange harvest of this period.

Pitch your idea in less than 150 words via our contact page, by 18th September.

Professionals with a publishing/exhibition record only, please. Do provide links to your work, if possible.

We offer fees or donations to a charity of your choice, a total payment of £15-35.  We will ask you to write to an agreed word count. We only publish original work & interviews not published elsewhere. You will be featured in our ‘Who We Are’ contributors’ page and on our social media.

Artwork by Kirsty Whiten, Instagram @kirstywhitestudio