Shape-Shifters & Selkies Solstice DJ mix

Sound travels better underwater, so take a dip with us. We dive into our Solstice party mix with ‘Jazzy Fluids’ from Drexciya who took techno underwater in the late 80’s. Brenda Ray throws some glisteningly blissful bops from Brenda Ray (with The Beachballs and solo), and I’ve chosen a remix of Harry Thurman’s aquatic disco classic ‘Underwater’. Swim through the divine ‘Underwater Boy’ by singer, model and spy Virna Lindt, and rock out in siren style with ‘Maraschino Red Dress 8.99’ from Ezra Furman and grungy mermaid surf rock from Dame Darcy.

– Caoimhe Lavelle, Resident DJ.

1 Jazzy Fluids – Drexciya
2 Spooky Boogie – Michal Turtle
3 Dancin’ Thru The Night -Brenda And The Beachballs
4 Sex Move – Patrick Forgas
5 Underwater Boy- Virna Lindt
6 Pacific – 808 State
7 Underwater (Mischief Brew Edit) – Harry Thurman
8 Moonbeams – Brenda Ray
9 Maraschino Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill – Ezra Furman
10 Rock That Ship – Dame Darcy
Illustration by Caoimhe Lavelle.

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