Quiz for tickets to T.S. Eliot & Nicola Barker.

Win TWO tickets to hear Barker, maverick of contemporary literature – responding to rare recordings of T.S. Eliot. 7 pm, 18th July, LRB Bookshop, 14 Bury Place, WC1.

First correct reply wins.

1) What is the next line, following : “And do not think of the fruit of action” (The Dry Salvages,” Eliot). Is it:

a) “Farewell”  b) “Fare Forward” or c) “Not fare well”.

2) What is the name of the 19thC, Kali-loving, occasionally transvestite, Bengali saint, reimagined by Nicola Barker in ‘The Cauliflower’?

3) What is that “human kind cannot bear” in ‘Burnt Norton’?

a) very much immortality b) very much pain c) very much reality.

4) What’s the name of Nicola Barker’s most recently published novel?

This competition is now closed – thank you for your responses and congratulations to our clever winner, Kate D!

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