O Sweetly Recollect Playlist

This month’s mix opens with “Remember” from Gino Soccio. Holger Czukay’s swaying “Ode to Perfume” follows; a track you can almost smell. Scent has a way of transporting one through memories so it felt apt. The mix features the sweetest recollection of all: Chris and Cosey’s “October Love Song”. I’ve also included “Slice Me Nice” by Fancy, recalling one of my fondest memories DJing, when upon dropping the track (with such lyrics as “I’m like a pie made for hungry guys”), a large delivery of pizza arrived. I watched in glee as the crowd bopped along, slices in hand.

1. ) Remember, Gino Soccio 2.) Ode To Perfume, Holger Czukay 3.) October Love Song, Chris And Cosey 4.) Atom Rock, Quando Quango 5.) TV, The Flying Lizards 6.) Deceptacon (DFA Remix), Le Tigre 7.) Slice Me Nice, Fancy 8.) Just Like Pooh Bear Julian Cope 9.)Pop Kids ,Pet Shop Boys.

Caoimhe Lavelle

Main picture of Caoimhe by Laelia Milleri

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