Monstrous Light: Demented Plantains DJ Mix by Osaro

There’s nothing profound I will say about being black and experiencing racism. These songs just make me feel good. I freestyle these days, so I can harness my mood into words with a sick beat! 

Power Rangers aired every Monday at 7pm in Benin, West Africa when I was a kid, which was also the exact time the electricity would break down in the entire town! Ghostbuster/Nine Inch Nails remix  oozes sleaze, so I plan to perform to it as a Drag Prince.  Cable Boy is a rising Dublin musician, his shyness is so well captured in this sweet song.

– DJ Osaro aka, founder of Fried Plantains Collective, Dublin


1) Power Rangers theme song

2) ‘Weak’ Skunk Anansie

3) ‘One beat’ Sleater Kinney

4) ‘Back on the London Stage’ Pink Military

5) ‘Change’ Mavis Staples

6) ‘More’ Sisters of Mercy 

7) Closer by Nine Inch Nails ft Ghostbusters

8) ‘Affaire A MBongo’ Kokoko! (+Osaro)

9) ‘Keep It’ Cable Boy (live)

10) ‘Come on Home’ Lijadu Sisters




Main image, Gavin Ovoca.

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