Katie Cercone: cacao, boomboxing & blankets, in NYC

Katie is a multi-media and performance artist and yogi, whose Insta videos provide our editorial team with pick-me-ups that blast away isolation-bound stagnation. Katie shared her list of intellectual spurs and emotional comforts, as a non-binary, queer femme feminist mother in NYC:
1) Bespoken Bones Podcast: Ancestors at the Crossroads of Sex, Magik & Science
2) I like to hand-sew large-scale fabric assemblage pieces I put together from vintage bedsheets, girls swimwear and windbreakers from the 90s. Preferably while listening to music or boomboxing with fart noises, my son’s new favorite pastime. This is part of my regular creative practice but I’m finding more and more time to do what is most meaningful to me.
3) Cooking three meals a day with lots of fresh basil, garlic, ginger, turmeric, kombucha, raw chocolate and herbal tea! Chopping colorful vegetables and fruits is as therapeutic as eating them.
4) I live for my favorite Astrologer KAYPACHA’s weekly Pele Report https://youtu.be/Zyf2qobt2X0
He is a cis-male but talks about “The Fall of the Patriarchy” regularly. This ALWAYS hits the spot. Recently, he had some great reflections on the pandemic and how ailments of the lung are related to our cultural grief and sadness.

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