Issue 6: Sex, Out There

Summer sex beckons, on Welsh hills, city rooftops and pre-Monsoon beaches. If you’re attractive and witty, preferably in 140 characters or less, a clever person might enjoy numerous, disposable intimacies, click-in, click-out. Mobile phones have also made it more straightforward to explore hidden aspects of our sexuality once punished by ostracisation.

Fantasy fucks don’t have to hurt others, or ourselves. Feminist porn sites invite us to indulge our desires, shades drawn against the sun, guilt-free. And while sex, out there, can be artificial and lonely, sex within a domestic situation, fully sanctioned by mainstream society, can be equally hollow. In this issue, we debate feminist porn with Dr. Rebeccca Saunders and the emotional contortions of BDSM with sex fetishist and Twitter book witch, ‘E’. Poems by Rosalind Jana and Soma Ghosh explore the gains and losses of Dating App and Twitter affairs.

While sex is increasingly available, it is love, messy, deep and winking at the brim, that intoxicates The Demented Goddess. This issue’s all-female contributors prize its loyal comrade, trust, too, even in one-night adventures. Happiness isn’t just for good girls.

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