Issue 20 Roots, Shoots & Strays DJ Mix

The Doctor’s Cat Track which starts the mix is at times like an Italo Disco, space-age “Horse With No Name “, yet so much better than that should even be.
I’ve returned to my own weirdo gothic disco roots with this mix, thinking of those dancefloors on which I found my own sense of belonging, after many years of wishing “If only I could hear songs like these in clubs”. A true pleasure to include a track by The Gadgets, and the Trash BBB remix of Let’s Go by minimal wave Deux. Patrick Cowley’s “Nightcrawler ” slinks to the end of the mix, closing with two Andie Oppenheimer tracks – heartfelt synth pops for the strays of our dystopia. 
– Caoimhe Lavelle.
Twitter @kwoovo.
Doctor’s Cat – Andromeda
The Gadgets – Devil’s Dyke
Coil – Alternative Guide to The Gay Men’s Guide To Safer Sex
Tuxedomoon – Dorian
Magazine – Parade
The Vanishing – Lovesick
Patrick Cowley – Nightcrawler
Andie Oppenheimer Analysis – Impotent and Obsolete
Andie Oppenheimer Analysis – Don’t Be Seen With Me
Main image: Kirsty Whiten

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