Frontiers of bedroom intimacy: ALXCUR & Jaime Acker

Intimacy has developed new frontiers in human encounters, today. For many, our experience is mediated by phones. We project our lives, or a story about our lives, through our feeds and Tik Toks, distancing the immediate. We risk never being here. Instead we place ourselves there, in the gaze of others, most of whom we don’t know. With ever proliferating tech encouraging us to control our narrative, it feels more and more vulnerable to trust another person. Can we really be intimate, any more? Is this a new tension, or were all human encounters, throuhgout history, prone to performance, anyway?

In these photos, all but one taken from a forthcoming book, visual artist, designer, stylist and model Alex Currington (ALXCUR) let photographer Jaime Acker into her apartment to explore a performance of intimacy. Jaime wanted to get close to Alex in her personal space and, by shooting upwards and asking her to look at him through the camera, give Alex the power to lead their interaction as it unfolded, spontaneously. Alex did her own wardrobe, styling and make-up and put Jaime where she wanted and, as they moved through her home, where they both felt most comfortable.

The book is out by the end of July and you can also buy direct from Jaime (posting from the U.S), details below.









Buy original, limited edition print photography books from Jaime’s online shop.

Jaime on IG: @theduskyjewel

Alex on IG: @alx.cur



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