Flashes of Fire DJ Mix: Caoimhe Lavelle

The blaze begins with Lizzie Mercier Décloux’s cover of Arthur Brown’s ‘Fire’, and rages with the red-hot ‘Big Hollow Man’ by Danielle Dax. The vibe mellows slightly with San Francisco’s Barbara Manning with ‘Stammich’ a krautrock jam based on Neu!’s ‘Hallogallo’, over which ESG’s UFO hovers and lands. At the centre are two delightfully weird electro tracks from Cybotron and Severed Heads, followed by Grace Jones’ uptempo cover of Roxy Music’s ‘Love is The Drug’ and Stanton Miranda’ fiery and gothic ‘Wheels over Indian Trails’ Closing us out, “The Queen with the Golden Voice” Ros Serey Sothea, with ‘I’m 16’ from the Cambodian psych-rock era; a supreme bop. 
Caiomhe Lavelle

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1.) Fire – Lizzy Mercier Décloux
2.) Big Hollow Man – Danielle Dax
3.) Stammich – Barbara Manning
4.) UFO – ESG
5.) Cosmic Rain Dance – Cybotron
6.) Strange Brew – Severed Heads
7.) My Time – Telex
8.) Love is The Drug – Grace Jones
9.) Wheels over Indian Trails – Stanton Miranda
10.) Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy (I’m 16) – Ros Sereysothea

Image is a detail from by Tim Best from ‘Matches from KGB Bar’ from FLASHES.

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