Female hegemony & self-absolution: AnalogDream

Jonathan Apelbaum and AnalogDream are an art collective. They multi-media immersive work, AI paintings and photography in Berlin, Paris and London. Their new exhibition, ‘Men with Dresses’ will open on 12 June 2020 (follow them on Instagram, for more details, below).

Here, they share their recent exploration of a “hégémonie féminine”.

From “Hégémonie Féminine”

Jonathan says, “I started this project because I believe that the most important feminist movement of this century will be to change masculinity. For me, it starts with a simple observation. It begins with the clothes because the first feminist movement in the 20th century started with les garçonnes, women that wear male clothes. This was such a tool of empowerment. So now the new tool of empowerment would be that men wear dresses.”

Anna la deuxieme absolution.

In other works of absolution and self-exploration in intimate spaces, Apelbaum and AnalogDream probe the subconscious and sexual self:




Jonas Absolution

Luiba and Ingo

From “hégémonie féminine”.

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