DJ Mix: Unlikely Pleasures

I like when finding music is a journey of surprises, and this is an odd bag of shiny marbles. An uplifting, cinematic remix of Lubos Fisher’s score for ‘Babicka’ from youtuber NevinEntertainment, a chanced-upon Magnetic Fields cover by Chk Chk Chk, a belligerent Beatles cover (courtesy of my goth dad Terry, I can’t wait to be on a dancefloor when he drops it). My inclusion of Lone Lady and Friedberg may come as no surprise, as both “There is No Logic” and “Go Wild” are both tracks are instant classics which should be played loud and often. The theme, the celebration, is Freedom, exemplified by a track of that name from The Children.  and some double-Jane Dornacker “Deca-Dance”. Ohh, it’s so deca-dent.

Caoimhe Lavelle

Art by Caoimhe Lavelle



1.) Babicka Remix – Luboš Fišer remixed by NevimEntertainment

2.) Take Ecstacy With Me – Chk Chk Chk Chk

3.) Go Wild – Friedberg

4.) There is No Logic – Lone Lady

5.) Telex – The Conversation 

6.) Freedom – The Children

7.) Love Me Do – Sounds Incorporated

8.) Leila & The Snakes – Cathy’s Clone

9.) Jane Dornacker – Deca-Dance

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