Demented Disco Queens’ Playlist

Caoimhe Lavelle, cult DJ from Dublin, is our new resident DJ. Here are ten global glories to get your goddessy-groove on:

1.) Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey 2.) The Jellies – Vibe Babies on a Saturday Night

3.) Mathematiques Modernes – Disco Rough 4.) Gina X – No G.D.M.

5.) Classic Pearl – Pearl 6.) Basil Kirchin – Silicon Chip 7.) Ata Kak – Daa Nyinaa

8.) Makeshift – Seed 9.) Superpitcher – Baby’s On Fire

10.) Adamski ft Nina Hagen – Get Your Body

Caiomhe says:

I’ve been loose with the term “disco”, because the best parties get loose. Here you have tracks from Ghana, New York, France, Japan and Hull, a couple of classics and some recent discoveries.

 Basil Kirchin’s Silicon Chip is such a staple for me. It’s an ecstatic disco moment from the Hull genius otherwise known for his soundtrack compositions and experimental work.

 Some of Kirchin’s big fans include Brian Eno, Trish Keenan, and Stereolab’s Laetitia Saedier, who I spoke to after she played Dublin with Source Ensemble. We concurred that even in hip music circles not enough people listen to Kirchin. And the fact that Basil has a disco party track is fantastic.  Clubbers come up to me, asking, “Is he saying “It’s The Year of The Chip”? Yes, he is!

And speaking of Eno, though nothing compares to the original of Baby’s On Fire, Superpitcher’s version was just more at home in the mix. I tested this mix at a gathering at home and we confirmed its groove. I’ll be sticking it on, at mine, when the party follows me home.


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