Deliciously Vile Frontiers DJ Mix: Caoimhe Lavelle

It seemed appropriate, if not mandatory, to bookend the Deliciously Vile Frontiers mix with two, stomping Betty Davis funk ragers to mark her passing this year, like two of her platform boots on either end. Inside, we’re rolling around in flowers of funk, wonk, trash and filth; WLAN’s sassy and weird “Ego”, avant garde goth royalty; Princess Tinymeat’s hot, heavy “Angels in Pain”, and in the corner is Frank Tovey “King of The Flies” in a trash can wearing a mime costume. Eartha Kitt’s enters growling with “Sugar Daddy”, which is so sweetly rotten, so sickeningly good, and then Trash Groove Girls blast off on a sex rocket to the Twilight Zone before the Goddess Betty Davis struts us on down the road. 

– Caoimhe Lavelle

  1.  Betty Davis – Stars Starve You Know
  2. Danielle Dax – Jehovah’s Precious Stone
  3. Hülya Süer – Şeker Oğlan
  4. WLAN – Ego
  5. Ruth – Thriller
  6. Princess Tinymeat – Angels In Pain
  7. Fad Gadget – King of The Flies
  8. Eartha Kitt – Sugar Daddy
  9. Trash Groove Girls – Extra Terrestrial Be Bop Boy
  10. Betty Davis – Walking Down The Road

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Main image by Jaime Acker

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