Dancing With Strangers Playlist

My playlist for the month ….Crazy Girl (aka Tess McGinnis)’s “Cocaine Talk” is a must when dancing with strangers. “You are my new best friend/ sure let’s hang out again” – whether you take coke or no, this my tribute to the ardent friendships promised during festival season.

I end with Six Said Red aka Cindy Ecstasy’s “Shake It Right”. Cindy introduced Ecstasy to New York in the 80’s.  She was Marc Almond’s backing singer. In spite of the brevity of her musical career, the buzz Cindy contributes to Soft Cell’s ouevre should be celebrated.  Soft Cell recorded mostly while high on E. E, or MDMA, remains a shortcut to the love vibes that define festival culture – so, thank you, Cindy!

Caoimhe Lavelle


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