Competition: Sophie A. Lewis & Joanna Biggs on surrogacy for all!

In Full Surrogacy Now (Verso), Sophie Lewis takes on the surrogacy industry – worth over one billion dollars a year in the USA alone.  She exposes abuses of surrogacy in India, often sold as providing upward mobility to impoverished Indian surrogates.

Most radically, she challenges the queerphobic and trans-exclusionary institutions of motherhood and the family.

Arguing in The Demented Goddess to expand the notion of ‘gestating’ until we are all surrogates for each other, Lewis will be in conversation on 30th May at The London Review of Books with Joanna Biggs, assistant editor at the LRB and author of All Day Long, a Portrait of Britain at Work.

To WIN a ticket to the event, read Sophie’s interview in this issue. Answer these questions, using our contact form found at the top left of every page, or below.  Please mark your entry: Full Surrogacy Now!  The winner will be chosen at random.

  1. How many adults does Sophie claim are killed by childbirth, every year?
  2. Which of Sophie’s feminist idols and ecofeminist pioneers points out that “to be a human is to be in a multispecies relationship”?
  3. When defining “full surrogacy” to our Editor, Soma, does Sophie say that we are all, at root:  a) nothing to do with one another b) responsible for each other c) members of a single biological family.




Main photo of Sophie A. Lewis handing in her completed manuscript of new book ‘Full Surrogacy Now’ at her publisher, Verso.

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