Dirty, big-hearted, intelligent adventures, recommended by our team:

UNCENSORED! Festival: The Old Baths, London E9 17th, 18th & 19th May.

An exciting weekend of films, performances and talks with some of our favourite established and emerging artists working at the intersection of sexual & political  activism.  The first of its kind to take place in London, UNCENSORED is organised by a female-led team.  Bringing together more than 35 artists, sex practitioners and activists from the UK and abroad, this is your chance to see Vex Ashley, Liad Kantorowicz live and the cult infra-red film ‘The Operation’ by Marne Lucas.  They all feature our ‘Summer of C**t, Part 1’ issue.


Homoelectric, Manchester 25th May & 29th June; Birmingham 22nd June.

We regularly take a healthy dose of Homoelectric, the “non-stop exotic disco for heteros, homos and don’t knows.”  Disco highs meet dark techno in all-night swizzlestick of suckable, friendly fun.

The Temple of Oscar Wilde, Clapham, London, ongoing, 2019.

The Oscar Wilde Temple, Studio Voltaire. Photo: Francis Ware.

Created by Studio Voltaire, artists McDermott & McGough and curated by Alison M. Gingeras, an immersive installation transforming a Victorian chapel into a queer shrine to the Irish poet and author.  20 years in the making, “period wallpaper, stained glass windows, hangings and 19th century chandeliers and furniture adorn the space, evoking the provocative sensuousness of the Aesthetic Movement”.  All welcome to visit.  Details: http://www.studiovoltaire.org/exhibitions