Dirty, big-hearted, intelligent adventures, recommended by our team:

Western Girls DJ workshop July 7th, MVP, Dublin.

Western Girls are a cowboy booted DJ collective running clubnights and DJ skills workshops in Dublin. Ruled by a glamour hen named Howaya Chicken, they are raising one fuck of a cluck for more women, queer and diverse people on the decks.

Howaya Chicken, by Caoimhe Lavelle.

The Demented Goddess’ Resident DJ Caoimhe Lavelle (Kwoo), CMAT, Yemi and Hag Trader formed the collective to share their skills & create a welcoming dance-party beholden to no genre.  They disseminate these skills in workshops open to all.




We Are Wac Arts Weekender Festival, 26-28 July, London
Grace Nichols and Woman SRSLY – a series and collective that champions performances by female-identified aartists through platforms and networking support – are running workshops at the creative hot house Wac Arts (alumni Danny DyerMarianne Jean-Baptiste, Daniel Kaluuya).  Discussions, performances and parties; allowing audiences and participants to explore, discover and celebrate the London Arts scene in the Old Town Hall, Hampstead a charity committed to  supporting marginalised youth and the LGBQT+ community. The Suffragettes once stood and rallied support there, Lord Pitt gave an anti-racism speech and the Nigerian Women’s League held their first dance in this hall, too.

The Liberation Disco, Saturday 27th July, is packed with flooze & groove.

Wac Arts continue to support those who find it hard to participate in the arts by providing a place to express themselves. Saturday night sees one of our favourite disco-techno queen, Ana Matronic, headlining a night of dancing and cabaret acts, including Dolly Trolley.

Dolly Trolley

Out In The Forest 
3 August, doors 9pm-6am, Magic Spells Brewery
The forests have always been places where convention and order have been subverted, where the self might be reinvented and people can explore sexual identity under the cover of the leaves. The collective Staying Out are having a party at Magic Spells with nasty and gorgeous performances, DJs and space to dance hard and soft. Weeds crack concrete, the moon pulls you. Come out!
Line up includes: Radical Faerie Drum Circle, Sgàire Wood, Government DJ (Black Obsidian Sound System/B.O.S.S), Lewis G. Burton (Inferno), Gin (Resis Dance, Nite Dykez), Charity Kase and Sophie Coletta
Early bird £5, 2nd release £10, final release £15 / wfculture19.co.uk/events/outintheforest