A letter from Sophie Lewis, locked-down in Philadelphia

Dear Demented Goddess,
What have I been up to under lock-down? I’m delighted you asked.
1. I’ve been dropping acid, discovering that I own a crock-pot, re-watching Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland and putting my Hitachi magic wand to good use;
2. I’ve been reading Paul Preciado’s An Apartment on Uranus, a series of fantastical, sometimes unconvincing, but usually extremely sexy political chronicles, each of which is short enough even for my currently minuscule coronavirus attention-span;
3. I’ve been scrolling lustily through Grace Lavery and Yelena Moskovich’s pandemic project “Bunker Sluts“;
4. And, finally, I’ve been letting my craftsy lover make prints of my vulva (see below).
much love,
Sophie x

Sophie Lewis (@reproutopia) is the author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family, and a free-lance writer interested in sex, freedom, acid, and queer communism, based in Philadelphia. Due to the coronavirus, she has lost three months’ worth of income from speaking gigs. You can support her here: patreon.com/reproutopia.

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